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AAA Council

The Age Anaesthesia Association is at the forefront of bringing together anaesthetists, surgeons and geriatricians in the development of a cohesive approach to the management of older surgical patients. Since the AAA was formed in 1990, our mission has been to promote evidence based, high quality perioperative care for all older surgical patients through using our national collaborative voice and joint working with the AAGBI, BGS and RCS.

We currently have the following positions available on the Age Anaesthesia Council:

  • Anaesthetic Consultant;

  • SAS Doctor;

  • Geriatric Medicine Registrar;

  • Surgical Consultant;

  • Surgical Registrar.


This is an amazing opportunity for you to take an active part in our organisation and be involved in the support of national perioperative collaboration, education, and research.

The successful candidates will be expected to attend Council Meetings and the Annual Scientific Meeting for the three-year term. Attendance at the Annual Scientific Meeting will require a two-night stay (to allow attendance at the council meeting on the night before the first day of the conference). The other Council Meeting can be participated in remotely. Successful candidates will receive complimentary registration and accommodation costs at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

How to apply...

Please send an expression of interest (approx. 100-250 words) and two-page CV to us at: or call 0114 299 5922 for more information

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