Mission Statement

The number of elderly people in the UK is rising. By 2034 the UK population aged over 65 years will have reached 23%, with the fastest rising group being the over 85’s.


Two thirds of acute surgical admissions are in the over 65 age group, so we are all likely to encounter elderly patients in our everyday practice.  


From a financial perspective, looking after elderly patients well is cheaper than looking after them badly. There is no conflict between cost of care and quality of care in this patient group.


The mission of the Age Anaesthesia Association is to promote evidence based, high quality perioperative care for all elderly surgical patients. We are at the forefront of bringing together anaesthetists, surgeons and elderly care physicians to promote and develop a cohesive approach to the management of this frequently overlooked and vulnerable group of patients.


The Age Anaesthesia Association was created in 1990 and now has over 300 members including surgeons and physicians. We have a two day annual scientific meeting, which includes international guest speakers, practical workshops and provides an opportunity for trainees to present local work. In addition, we have provision for sub meetings of the Hip Fracture Perioperative Network and the Emergency Laparotomy Network. We are proud that our meetings focus on relevant, clinical strategies to improve elderly care.


Age Anaesthesia Association also has a national voice. We work closely with the AAGBI, British Geriatric Society and Royal College of Surgeons and provide input to consensus statements and national clinical guidelines.


So why not join Age Anaesthesia today? Your subscription will allow you to access the members' secure area, and gives you discounted registration fees for future meetings.