Walkers Stadium, Leicester 6&7 May 2010

 1. Vascular Surgery in the Elderly (14.00-15.00)


a. J Thompson. Pre-assessment in the elderly vascular patient.   (14.00-14.30) 

b. Mark McCarthy - Consultant Vascular Surgeon. Vascular surgery in the elderly.  (14.30-15.00)  


Coffee and trade exhibition                               (15.00-15.30) 


2. Free papers     (15.30-16.20)


3. Abdominal Surgery in the Elderly (16.20-17.50)


a. C Peden. Can we do better for the elderly acute abdomen?  (16.20-16.50) 

b. Mr A Miller. Damage control surgery, are the elderly good candidates?  (16.50-17.20) 

c. Irwin Foo.  A simple solution to a complex problem: how to improve care in emergency elderly colorectal patients.    (17.20-17.50)  




Sessions Friday 7 May 2010


1. Elderly Orthopaedic surgery (09.00-10.30)


a. Opinder Sahota. The economics of hip fractures, can we improve the situation?  (09.00-09.30) 

b. Iain Moppett. Can anaesthetists improve outcome in hip fracture. QMC Nottingham.  (09.30-10.00)  

c.Katherine Andrews. NHS Networks a brief guide.  (10.00-10.30) 


d1.  Hip Fracture Network Meeting.     (10.30-11.00) 


d2.  Laparotomy Network Meeting.      (10.30-11.00) 


Coffee break (11.00-11.30)


2. The Elderly heart      (11.30-13.00)


a. Dr Johan Benc. Trans-venous aortic valve replacement.


b. Giles Peek.  ECMO, is it used for the elderly?


c. Prof Tom Robinson. How high is high? Hypertension in the elderly.  (12.30-13.00)  


AGM (13.00-13.15)


Lunch (13.15-14.15) 


3. Session 3 (14.15-16.00)


a.  Free papers.  (14.15-15.05) 

b.  Debate.  (15.05-16.00)

Echocardiography should be used in emergency hip fracture patients with a systolic murmur?


For:  Michael McBrien, Belfast.  (15.05-15.25) 

Against: John Holloway, Poole. (15.25-15.45)


Q & votes.  (15.45-15.55)


      Closing comments and Prize Winners  (16.00)


      Depart (16.10)