Netherwood Hotel 7&8 May 2009

Thursday, May 7th

1230-1400 Lunch

Lounge (Parallel Session)


Demonstrations of Cardiopulmonary Exercise 

Equipment and Testing 

Dave Hume 

Mark Chamberlain 

Jonathon Heath 




Session 1 

Chair: Guy Turner 

Update on Hips 

Richard Griffiths 

Stuart White 

Kirsty Forrest 

1530-1600 Tea 

Session 2 

Chair: Jugdeep Dhesi 

Diastolic Dysfunction 

Robert Kong

4 Free Papers

Dr E Lappin, Dr R Bains, Dr R Snaith Dr J Kailey

President’s Message 

Andrew Severn

Annual General Meeting 

1800 Presidents Reception for Invited Speakers and Council Members 

         Venue: The Turrets 

2000 Dinner




Friday, May 8th 

Session 3 

Chair: Irwin Foo 

7 Free Papers

Dr R Loeffler, Dr J Butterworth, Dr WPL Fan, Dr C Smith, Dr R Croft, Dr S Flory, Dr T Elias 


Session 4 

Chair: Robert Mann 

The Sick Laparotomy 

Dave Murray 

Diane Monkhouse 

Jonathon Heath 


Session 5 

Chair: Chris Heneghan 

Education and revalidation 

Chris Dodds 

Fritz Sieber 

Andrew Severn


Lounge (Parallel Session)


The hip fracture network group meeting 

Richard Griffiths 



Old brains and new frontiers: seminar on 

imaging and perioperative dysfunction 

Margot Gosney 




1600 Main Auditorium – Closing Comments