Chichester May 2006

Epidemiology of Ageing 

Prof Gwyn Seymour, Aberdeen

Age Diversity in a Greying Population 

Dr Graham Watkinson, Chichester

The Acute Hospital Perspective

Mr Robert Lapraik, Chichester

Death by Aging

Dr Helen Galley, Aberdeen

11:30 — 12:00 -- Coffee and Trade Exhibition


12:00 — 13:15 -- Session 2 - Patient Selection - Chairmen: Dr Les Gemmel & Dr Chris Hanning


Cardiac Preoperative Assessment & Pre-optimisation 

Dr Lui Forni, Worthing

Surgical & Vascular Assessment

Dr David Allen, Chichester

Use of Oesophageal Doppler

Dr Howard Wakeling, Worthing

13:15— 14:15 -- Lunch & Trade Exhibition


14:15 — 15:30 -- Session 3 – AGM 


14:30 — 15:45 -- Free Papers - Chairmen: Dr David Wilkinson & Dr Irwin Foo


Can Preoperative Assessment of Cancer in the Elderly (PACE) Predict 30 days Postoperative Outcome? 

Dr Hodigere Ramesh, Liverpool

An Interesting Presentation of Hip Fracture 

Dr R Krishnamoorthy, Lancaster 

Urinary Retention in Patients Undergoing Hip and Knee Joint Arthroplasty at Hereford County Hospital 

Dr S Thirunagari, Hereford

Anaesthesia for Hip Fracture Surgery, a Comparison Between GA and Spinal Anaesthesia 

Dr A Gulati, Peterborough

ECT in the Elderly-

Dr Hisham Hamza, Great Yarmouth

Poster Presentation: Management of an Octogenarian for Fractured Neck of Femur - Operate Now or Never! 

Dr G Arun Prasad 

15:45 — 16:30 -- Guest Speaker - Chairman: Dr Chris Henighan


Pharmacological & ClinicalAspects of Local Anaesthetics in the Elderly


Dr Bernadette Veering, Leiden, Holland




16:30 Tea and Close