The Age Anaesthesia Association would like to thank all of the delegates, speakers and exhibitors who attended the the virtual Annual Scientific Meeting on Friday 21st May 2021. 

The programme included sessions on NELA, Geriatric Major Trauma, Shared Decision Making and COVID, Surgery and Older People. In the final session of the day, trainees also had the opportunity to showcase their case reports, audits, Quality Improvement Projects and research as part of our Trainee Prize Presentations.

We are also grateful to the Fragility Fracture Network who were also involved in the event by

hosting session two of the programme. The Fragility Fracture Network (FFN) is a global organisation,

which was founded in order to create a multidisciplinary network of experts for improving treatment and

secondary prevention of fragility fractures. FFN UK is the UK arm of this Network. For more information,

please visit:


We hope all who attended the meeting had the opportunity to learn and to ask their questions about looking after older people undergoing surgery.  Once again, thank you for attending the meeting and we look forward to opening registration for the 2022 ASM which will be held in Bristol on Thursday 12th - Friday 13th May 2022.

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The next ASM will be held at The Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel on Thursday 12th & Friday 13th May 2022

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If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact Lucy via the methods below:

Tel: 0114 2995922